Monday, 19 September 2011


Sunday 18th September, the second annual chiari awareness walk!
It was a great success and I, for one, enjoyed it massively. Huge thanks have to go out to Katie Blay for working hard all year to put on this fantastic event, despite having 5 children, 3 of which have chiari. Her youngest son was only decompressed about 2 weeks ago!
The walk was in aid of the British Syringomyelia and Chiari Socioty. The Ann Conroy Trust

Day started with a cup of tea in bed from Tayla. She has chiari and was over from Portugal staying for the weekend to attend the walk. That is dedication. Got ready in my new Chiari T-shirt and had a few photos looking fresh =D

By 11am we were all getting restless and left early to head down to Southsea.
Met up with some others and started blowing up balloons. These were donated for the second year running by Signature Balloons!

Then slowly everyone started arriving and the atmosphere got more and more buzzing! Some people had never met another chiarian. Others had developed close friendships through having chiari. One good thing I guess

So at 1pm we set off for the walk (or roll in some of our cases, myself included)

Arrived at the other pier around 2pm. Was looking deceptively nice!

We had face painting, a lucky dip for the kids, with medals for them completing the walk, a raffle, cake and some snacks. We left off the balloons as well as some chinese lanterns. By this point it had started raining so the chinese lanterns turned into a bit of a competition between some people as they were proving almost impossible to get going! We managed about 3 floating out of about 20!

We took some obligatory photos of all the chiarians who attended (minus Vaughn who picked the wrong moment to take a walk outside)

The day ended with the drawing of the raffle (I won a box of chocolates which were enjoyed whilst watching X-factor that evening lol)

It was a fantastic day. I know I am feeling very tired and sore from it, however I am buzzing from being with my second "family" that on Sunday I felt none of it. I loved it and knowing that there are others who just "get" me is amazing. I have met some amazing people on my chiari journey and I really will never forget the things people have done to make this journey easier. See you all next year, Sunday june 3rd for the next walk. I love you all!

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