Friday, 9 September 2011


My incision started to have 3 lumps swelling up on about Tuesday evening. They were not painful but swelled up, split open and leaked lots of crap. Pus and other gunk. Wasn't painful so I left it, as I was still on antibiotics for my meningitis. Kept swelling , leaking and then flattening and then swelling again. By Thursday evening my neck was starting to hurt, so I booked an appointment at my GP surgery at the minor illness clinic, as they had an appointment for 15 mins after I called. This clinic is nurse lead. Went in, saw her and she wasn't 100% happy but went off to get a prescription for more antibiotics signed by the duty doctor. Duty doctor hear my background and came to see me. She really wasn't too happy with my incision, I had no idea if it looked bad, it being on the back of my head makes it hard to see if it is infected =D She drew around the incision to mark the infected area, gave me ANOTHER week long dose of antibiotics and made me an appointment for first thing, 8.40, the next morning at 8.40 with a doctor at the practice.
Got home at about 5ish, chilling out and trying to sort a lift to the doctors early the next day. At 6pm I get a call from the GP I had just seen. She said that after reflecting on how my incision looked she had phoned the on call NS at the hospital. He decided I needed to be seen the next morning at 11am.
So went today and they wanted to readmit me there and then. He didn't like my wound and the fact it had been leaking.
I told him....NO WAY! It is my little brother, Jacob's, birthday party tomorrow. It was supposed to be back in August but because I was in hospital they postponed it. He went off to speak to the big boss, who agreed that I could go home on 2 more antibiotics (that is 4 types I am on right now) I have to go back in at 11am on Monday morning with an overnight bag just incase the incision has not got better.
They are concerned that my symptoms could be meningitis again! They think this time it would be chemical meningitis, which is a different type. They also think they might need open the top layer of the skin to drain out all the gunk that has built up and also pull out the top layer of stitches that are supposed to dissolve and haven't.

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