Thursday, 20 March 2014

They've fixed me.......I wish

These posts are getting harder to write as I'm drugged up on lots of different meds and the new ones make focusing hard. 
Managed to avoid being restrained last night which is progress. 
Still sleeping on a plastic mattress with no sheets. Annoying!
Tried to ligature without success the night before last. 
We've just had the compulsory morning meeting and quiz which I won again! 
Have a few manic people in so it's super loud so I'm hiding away in my room. Only get my phone for 30 mins twice a day so can't write blog posts like I'd hope to. Keeping track and will blog properly one home! 
Love and craziness to you all. X

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Profound Vs Jaffa cakes

Now my blog is gaining twitterer support I feel I should be writing profound or poetic statements. Rather as I sit here with my 30mins of phone allowance, I binging on my beloved Jaffa cake. I've avoided all restraints and injections but still my room has anything in but myself a bad, rip proof bedding and a tube of Jaffa cakes. Tomorrow may be more interesting for you yet more distressing for me. We will see!

Slow start to the day

Morning meeting at 9.30am. A chance for us to all sit together and talk about shop runs and eat food. Seems to go on forever with manic patients not shutting up.
Then it's the morning quiz which I won yesterday. Today we're in teams, girls vs boys and we kick their ass, as it should be. I'm now using my precious 30 mins on my mobile to update. Maybe no one will notice. Maybe I'll just become so withdrawn I'm invisable. Oh no, here they come. Gotta go!
Remember I'm just like you all. And you're only one step from being in my position #psychpatientsarenotscary

Monday, 17 March 2014

It's a crazy old world!

Friday 7th march I checked into a psych hospital. Things didn't go well and by Thursday 13th I was moved, in handcuffs and with force to an intensive care unit for psychiatric patients. Only 8 patients but about 15 staff. 
Friday I spent my day in a cell. 
Saturday I was moved to a room. Got very distressed and was forceably given tranqulizers to calm me down.
Sunday I chilled, got to know other patients spent some time outside. 
Today so far we've had morning meeting and done a quiz, which, of course, I won! 
Rooms are nicer here. Ensuite as well. 
Bedroom at the second hospital. 
Bedroom at third hospital. The current one. I have no sheets as they are deemed a risk. 
I'll try and daily update when I can! Only get phone for 30 mins twice a day. Love to you all and remember, don't be afraid of talking about or being around people with mental health problems, we're just like you guys but with a little chemical imbalance!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Finally going to admit it....

I've not posted much on here recently. Now I'm ready to tell you why. Some of you won't be surprised (I'm talking the chiari people who say they dislike me but continue to read my blog. Yes I can see you looking from my stats page)
I've recently been suffering from some mental health issues. I'm not afraid to admit to that. I'm not afraid to admit these became very disruptive to my normal day. 
I've spent 14 days in the last month in hospital and am still here. I'm getting there. Seeing the right people, getting the right help.
I know there is a stigma attached to mental health but I'm not one to follow what society says should be our reaction to what is really a part of many peoples everyday life, more so when you've got a chronic pain condition!
So that's me and that's where I've been. Feel free to comment, question using the box on the right or follow me on twitter.