Monday, 17 March 2014

It's a crazy old world!

Friday 7th march I checked into a psych hospital. Things didn't go well and by Thursday 13th I was moved, in handcuffs and with force to an intensive care unit for psychiatric patients. Only 8 patients but about 15 staff. 
Friday I spent my day in a cell. 
Saturday I was moved to a room. Got very distressed and was forceably given tranqulizers to calm me down.
Sunday I chilled, got to know other patients spent some time outside. 
Today so far we've had morning meeting and done a quiz, which, of course, I won! 
Rooms are nicer here. Ensuite as well. 
Bedroom at the second hospital. 
Bedroom at third hospital. The current one. I have no sheets as they are deemed a risk. 
I'll try and daily update when I can! Only get phone for 30 mins twice a day. Love to you all and remember, don't be afraid of talking about or being around people with mental health problems, we're just like you guys but with a little chemical imbalance!

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