Monday, 18 November 2013

Chapter 2 in the story of tesco and their terrible customer service.

After the promise of a phone call and exchanging numerous tweets, guess what........tesco are still ignoring me. They clearly feel that they are above their customers and can keep my money without providing me with my items. Getting close to taking this further, and I mean beyond the realms of the virtual world and into a store.....LOUDLY complaining!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The story of Tesco and their terrible customer service!

Sometimes I think that if I get bad customer service I should just accept it. Sometimes the big man can scare you into silence and into retreate. However, sometimes you just want to shout loud and say what has happened to anyone who will listen.
Sit back, relax and let me tell you a story. A story of a newly married couple and a disabled student. 2 friends who are struggling to make ends meet. 
One day the two friends had a nice evening together spent with their respective partners. Both couples are money savers and like a good deal. Both couples were after a television, the newly married couple wanted to buy one from their wedding money and use it to show their wedding video to family and friends. During the evening they went online, and saw an amazing deal. A 50" 3D TV by LG with built in free view! WOW, they bought bought before snapping one up. An fantastic end to a great night. 
Now as you may have guessed one of the people in this story is me, the other my best friend. The story sounds fantastic, a great ending for two people. However, this is when the story goes sour. 
The orderes were placed with tesco direct (a company with a good reputation within the UK, much like walmart for all my international readers) The order was accepted and the money removed from my partners account as well as my friends. 
Now, we have come to realise over the past few day set that this was a price glitch, a fact we had not previously realised. 
When we arrived to collect our items there was a 22" TV waiting for each of us. Not what we had ordered and not what is on the emails we received from Tesco. 
Now, on Wednesday I went and had some surgery done, by Thursday I was sore but without my promised TV I had to spend a huge amount of time worrying and stressing over a TV. 
On Thursday evening my friend was told that she couldn't have the TV but could have one of equivalent specification. She went to another, larger tesco store to collect the item, before being made to wait again, she was then told she had to drive to another store, further away to collect the TV. And guess what. Once she got to her 3rd tesco store, she was told she wasn't getting anything and to go home. 
We were both told we would get the 50" TV with 3D but that we would need to wait due to stock issues. We were reassured to be told that we would get regular updates on progress. Now, since this, I have not heard from anyone. My friend has been told she will get hers on Wednesday but it will NOT be a 3D TV. 
My friend has spent 4 hours on the phone, 2 hours in store and today over an hour on twitter asking for a reply. 
I have spent 3 hours online chat (which the operator disconnected 4 times for no reason) sent 4 emails and spent over an hour on twitter. 
Tesco have got our money, yet are choosing to ignore us. 
They have ruined my best friends wedding video night, and destroyed both of our trust in them. 
We have been offered no goodwill from tesco for the hours we have spent chasing them, in fact we have been offered a TV with substantially less features than advertised for the same amount of money. 
Now tesco may have glitched on the price, but we bought the TV in good faith. They have lied and ignored the little man for too long. We are making a stand, come on tesco! Sort this mess out!

Thursday, 14 November 2013


Has anyone been told they have both high and low pressure headaches following decompression? That's essentially what my neurosurgeon thinks I've got and I've never heard of anyone else having it 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Surgery time!

Going in for surgery this Wednesday, for once it is not for my brain. My lower to wisdom teeth are impacted, one is growing horizontally forwards into my other teeth and the other is growing horizontally backwards into my jaw. Hoping they can remove it without taking any of my jaw bone which they were worried they might need to, or without any nerve damage. They were only going to take half of one of the teeth as it was situated so close to a facial nerve but have decided to take the whole thing, so there is a 50/50 chance of a small amount of nerve damage. Also hope the anaesthetic works oky. After my decompression it had a paradoxical effect on me, leaving me wide awake and in pain, this lead to me getting distressed because I was in so much pain and then my blood pressure bottomed out and I was really quite sick for several hours. 

In chiari news, I have been still having bad heads, the past 2 days being really quite sore and I've spent lots of time lying down flat. Hoping I get my next blood patch out of the way soon, to see if it will offer any relief. Also, I have finally got my pain clinic appointment for 12th December so hoping an adjustment of meds will lead to a happy Christmas in the gibbo household! 


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Yet again

Saw my neurosurgeon yesterday and I am waiting to have another blood patch to try and treat my low pressure headaches

Friday, 1 November 2013


Neurosurgeon Monday! Wish me luck.
I'm hoping he will be able to do something about the chiari symptoms. I counted the other day how many times a chiari type headache was triggered. Overnight I woke 7 times and between 8am and 12.30pm, so 4and a half hours, I had 54 chiari type headaches (12 and hour), triggered but things such as coughing, laughing, standing, bending, sneezing, shouting. I can't even begin to guess how many times it would be in a 24 hour period but it was happening so often I had to stop.
So, hoping for some relief.
Then next Wednesday I'm having my wisdom teeth out! Hoping that doesn't hurt my neck too bad!