Thursday, 26 August 2010

I promise I will try and update this more!

So its currently 2 am on 27th August. I have just received a very drunk phone call for my best friend, who is a little drunk asking me to come and rescue her. The only problem with that being that I am in Hythe and she is in Belfast lol.

So update on my Chiari. I have switch GP surgery's, on the advice of Claire's mum. She is now my GP and is setting the wheels in motion. She doesn't think I am making it up. She knows so much about my condition. I saw her for the first time about 3 weeks ago. She adjusted my medication, sent me for a blood test and wrote to my neurosurgeon asking for an earlier appointment. Had my blood test done 4 days after on a Friday morning and by the Monday morning I had a phone call informing me of the results. At my old surgery it was common to wait about 4 weeks and only get the results if you bugged them. The results showed I had slightly low potassium, so I just have to eat more bananas. I have also started to take a vitamin supplement, just to cover myself.
Went for another appointment on Tuesday, as we had not heard from neuro she sent them a fax again asking for a quicker appointment so fingers crossed!
However, the better news is that she has agreed I can go back to work on an adjustment plan. I basically can only work part time, can't be left alone with children in case I faint, no lifting, climbing or strenuous activity. I go into work during the week of the 6th September to get this sorted, I hope they can accommodate me.

I also had an appointment with the eye specialist. My eye sight has changed again (in a month) and so has my squint. I have been given a temporary lense in my glasses and this has got rid of my double vision totally !!!

Today I have had the worst day in a long time. I have had a really bad headache, I still can't shift it so I am still wide awake at 2.45. Yippeeeee!

I will update this after my next hospital appointments which are in the next few weeks.

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