Monday, 21 October 2013


Now I normally don't bother with moaning about stuff about products and stuff and normally just review. 
Now this isn't a review!
I write this post on an iphone 5, I also own, currently, a MacBook Air and a iPad and have previously owned a 3GS and a 4G. Not a boast but rather to just highlight that I'm normally a big apple fan. 
However, since owning an iphone 5, which I got last October I've bought 6 charging cables, all legitimate ones from Apple store. Each time it has broken within a few months, this one I have now has lasted the longest at almost 3 months. Each time I've not been offered a replacement as they say it is MY fault they have broken. Now my charging cable gets used almost every night, overnight, and when not in use is tucked under my bed to prevent it being trodden on. My phone is flat when charging. Yet still they break. I've also had 3 MacBook chargers in 2 and a half years!  So Apple, why are you so shit at making chargers?!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Chiari is a real pain

So I'm off to see my neurosurgeon in the next week or so to talk about the continuing intensity of my chiari symptoms. I've had a return of the cough headache since not too long post op but it is just getting worse and worse. I'm getting it just from the pressure of laughing, coughing and even standing up, I feel the pressure or force of doing so and that creates a headache. I'm also having continuing low pressure headache and just generally feel like shite.
Sorry for lack of posts but you know, when you feel crap it just stops you wanting to do anything =\

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Busy month

Yep, I've been gone again for a long time. Been feeling really rubbish so haven't had the motivation to blog =\ I am, in the next month, having my wisdom teeth out, an appointment with my neurosurgeon, an eye appointment, a pain clinic appointment. Fun times!