Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Beyond fed up!

It's currently 4.39am on Wednesday morning. For the past few days my quite bad sleep pattern has gone altogether. I've had about 2 hours sleep in over 48 hours. I just can't fall asleep, I can lie here all night with my eyes tightly shut, however I can't sleep. I feel tired but wired. It's almost like I've drunk too much caffine. My body feels tired but my mind is buzzing.
I've stopped drinking all caffine, the doctor reccomended having a regular intake of caffine as apparently it helps the flow of spinal fluid, and my spinal fluid need all the help it can get. The bit of my brain which has slipped down is acting like a plug and stopping my SF from moving out of my head, which causes pressure in my head, which inturn causes my monster headaches.
So it's a case of weighing up whether I have no sleep or a headache. I've been reducing my caffine for about a week and my pain is rising, and that keeps me awake. I can't win!
Getting short tempered as well. I think it's lack of sleep coupled with me being stressed about having still not had my MRI date.

Anyway, I watched a really good documentary earlier in the night. It's called dear jack. It is about a guy called Andrew McMahon. He is the lead singer and pianist in two awesome bands, Jack's manneqin and something corporate. The film is basically a video diary about his fight with lukaemia. It was good!

Plan for tomorrow=uni essay.

My picture today is Jacob again. This was taken Monday night. I was in the garden and he was blowing kisses at me. He then started leaning on the window which resulted in some comedy photos. This is my favourite one!

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