Thursday, 27 May 2010

Woooopse I forgot about this...

So I pretty much forgot about this.
So an update, quick warning, if you want a cheery read then go no further.
I last updated this after my MRI scan this time last week!
Since then I have hardly slept, I seem to be awake for hours on end, days on end even. I cat nap some days for a few hours but its no enough. Its strange because I don't feel tired. I am wide awake and the only thing bothering me is the fact I am still awake.
I have been put on more painkillers, diclofenic sodium. Just another tablet to my massive list of thing I have to remember to take.
My short term memory has got worse, I told Richard something, and about 2 mins later I repeated it and genuinely had no clue I had said it.
My motor skills have got loads worse, I keep over reaching for things, knocking things off tables. Its quite embarrassing.
But over all I am doing okay. I just am getting annoyed at the pace of things.
I have 2 eye appointments coming up, I also need an operation on my eyes, it never rains! I also have an appointment for an ultra sound on my hand. And no appointment for my brain!
So its 2am and I am still awake. My neck is hurting and I am bloody bored!

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