Sunday, 9 May 2010

9th May

Update of last week.
Tuesday: I spent some time with Flo and April! Just hung out and went to Hythe market, it isn't as good as I remember.
Wednesday: I saw Claire. We went to Southampton for lunch. We went to Yo! Sushi and tried lots of new foods. It was really nice, however I know now that I am not very keen on seaweed. We bought some garden furniture and spent a hour and a half just putting together a table. Then we went out to eat again, we went to the haywain for a carvery. Then youth club in the evening.
Thursday: Went out for dinner with Hannah to the bold Forrester, ate too much food and just chatted. Do this at least once every two weeks and its awesome! Voted as well, didn't do any good.
Friday: Spent the day in bed, was feeling unwell and had a rough night. Then went to Claire's house for sausage and chips and to write a letter to the hospital complaining about the lack of MRI scan. Fingers crossed it will have done some good and I will hear soon.
Saturday and Sunday: Spent the two days in bed again, not feeling well. Richard bought a car, he is very excited, bless him. He collects it on Thursday. Watching Lewis now and then going to bed. Hoping to feel better in the morning.

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