Thursday, 6 May 2010

6th may

Not much to update, voted and saw Hannah today!

However I saw the lady who taught me GCSE Latin for a while. Her and I did not get along too well at all. I was always a little bit too hyper for her liking. I bumped into her in the newsagents in hythe. She said hello and asked me what I had been doing since I left school. Her jaw almost hit the floor when I told her I worked in a school. I am sure it was the last thing she expected me to be doing. I was very pleased to be able to suprise her, I might have been pretty bright at school but according to her I "didn't apply myself in the manner needed to become anything more than a shop worker" and she thought I was rude =D

My photo of the day!
Jacob doing what he does best and being a little flirt, he is my brother and still charms me big time. He has a cold at the moment so is doing his best Mr. Grumpy impression

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