Tuesday, 4 May 2010

4th May

So not update this for a few days now, probably because there is not too much to say.

Still haven't heard about my MRI scan, considering when I phoned to hurry it they said I had to be seen within six week, they have wasted 3 weeks not telling me when it is.

I have started driving again, not much. My GP said I was oky to start driving when I saw him last wednesday, I just don't feel like I can concertrate for long periods of time. My mind sort of wonders, so I'm not driving for more than about 20 mins at a time. However, when I do drive I suffer for it later on. I think it because my neck is not resting on anything and my eyes are straining. Today I drove about, to lymington twice and I had to go to bed at 4 due to a headache.

All in all my headache pain is more manageable, I wouldn't say it has reduced but I think my mind and body are becoming used to the level of pain in my head. My neck pain however is going up and up. I suffered from a sore neck since going into hospital, however it wasn't that bad. Now it is horrendous. Feels like I've got wiplash or something =[

So what have I been up to since my last update?
I spent Sunday morning at a bootsale, didn't go to buy anything which was good as it was all rubbish.
Bank holiday Monday was spent chilling with my mum and brothers. We spent the afternoon flopping, watching a film. We watched 'the ex' it was oky, had Zac Braff in it who I like in scrubs so I expected this film to be funny, it wasn't really.
Today I met up with April and Flo. We had a nice lunch in a cafe in Hythe, went and looked round the Market and just chilled out. Spent the late afternoon sleeping off a headache. Then flopped on the sofa all evening, playing silly games on my phone with Michael.
Tomorrow is going to be spent with Claire. She and her boyriend were in a car accident yesterday and she is a bit sore, so we are going on a cripples day out. Going to town to pick up a few bits. Then youth club in the evening if I don't tire in Southampton.
Then dinner with Hannah on Thursday evening.
I am guessing the weekend will be spent in bed as I will have worn myself out. One good thing about that is at least I know my headache has come after me having a good time and not just because my brain is rubbish!

Fingers crossed for my MRI letter tomorrow!!

I've decided to add a picture to each blog to brighten it up. So here is the first. The is Ali looking very pleased with himself after getting stuck in Jacobs bath seat! Just a shame he found getting out of it far harder than getting into it!

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