Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Product Review: Sennheiser/Adidas CX 680 High-Performance Noise-Isolating Ear Canal Headphones (Sports-Optimised Design)

I use a lot of headphones. When I was in hospital I went through many pairs in my many months inside. I like the in ear ones but am quite fussy about comfort and as such I have tried many, expensive ones and cheaper ones but none have lasted. I don't treat them as well as I should, putting them in my bag, draw and other places and this causes me to go through as many pairs as I do.
I read lots about headphones and watched lots of YouTube videos and finally decided to get these.

Upon opening the packaging is pretty big, seems a fair amount of waste. The headphones are bright yellow and come with a 3 different size in-ear buds. The main special feature of these are the fins which  sit outside the ear, along the inside rim of the ear, keeping the earphone in, stopping it pulling out if the wire gets snagged. You get 3 different of sizes of these as well. I played around with the sizes and ended up with the medium buds and fins.

I find the fins are great, they really do stop them falling out, perfect for running or other exercise. The buds fit really well. They don't allow for much noise leakage, stopping others hearing your music too, which I like.

The noise quality is good. Has a good base tone, but it doesn't come across as having too much base, which many can. There is also no tinniness to the sound, it is clear and accurate to the actual sound and has a great depth.

The headphones have black fins and the area around that, as well as the control section. The buds and wire are a bright yellow colour. This is nice, not too bright and quite unique.

The wire is great. It is Kevlar reinforced, meaning pulling and snagging of the wire doesn't damage the wire. The headphones are split to a good length and there is no way to adjust this. I actually prefer this as I tend to fiddle with the cable when you can adjust and end up slitting the cable too far and getting myself in a pickle, tangled around everything. The join where the wires meet is strong. I can't be the only one who sometimes chews this part?! (told you I don't treat them well, but makes for a better more unique review lol) This part is so strong I have not chewed it and this is great. There is no volume control when you're just using the standard wire, but this is oky as the wire is pretty short, perfect for attaching to an arm band hen working out. The extension is provided and this adds a huge amount of length, enough to have your player in your pocket and not have a pull when walking. The control included the volume and a clip, which is yellow.

Other handy features include the fact that the headphones are sweat resistant, making them great for a work out. They include a cleaning tool for removing wax build up. Also included are a cable clip and a storage pouch which is large but doesn't have the best closing mechanism, meaning the buds can fall out. Sennheiser also provide a 24 month warranty.

The one downfall is that there is an area near the ear buds, just where the wire goes over your lobe that has snapped on mine, but this doesn't affect usage, just is annoying. This appears to be a common fault. However, this is not a reason not to get these headphones.

These are on sale on amazon for £27.99 but have an RRP of £59.99

Brains out of 5:


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