Monday, 15 July 2013

Product review: Danone Danio Yogurt

So recently sent me voucher to get 3 different flavours of Danone Danio Yogurt. These were sent to me for free as I am a bzz agent.

I was excited to try the yogurts as I have seen the adverts with the spoon bendingly thick yogurt and I was intrigued to try it as I honestly couldn't see how it could be made thick without feeling far too odd. My hopeful expectation was that my spoon would stand up in the pots!

So I picked up the passionfruit, the cherry and the strawberry flavours. I love anything passionfruit or red cherry flavoured so was excited.

I was happy to read that the yogurt is high in protein, with 26% of your GDA and it is almost fat free. This made me happy as I am currently following the insanity diet and fitness plan (on and off, mostly off at the moment as I've been unwell) and protein is a big thing as it helps build muscle.

I opened it and it was very white, I stuck my spoon straight in stood up!!!! YAY! I tried some of the yogurt first, this was creamy and slightly bitter but not too bad as I eat natural yogurt daily so am used to the tang.

I then ventured to the bottom of the pot to try the fruit. This was amazing. It was sweet and crunchy as there were still seeds left in it.

I then (after stopping myself from eating all the fruit) ate it working down through to eat both yogurt and fruit together. This was nice, however about half way through I felt myself growing less fond of the strange texture of the ultra thick yogurt. I had to stop eating it in the end, I just couldn't enjoy the taste when the texture was bothering me so much. I have, however, always been a little funny with my food and if something doesn't feel right, even if it is yummy, I cannot eat it.

My boyfriend, therefore, ate the rest of that pot and over the next few days ate the others too(helped enthusiastically by Jacob). I also handed out vouchers to family and friends. They all really enjoyed it and best of all felt full up after eating it. So even though I didn't like it, everyone else did!.

Brains out of five

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