Sunday, 14 July 2013

The charcoal challenge

So this week the lovely people over at money gave me £50 to throw a budget BBQ. And what perfect weather to enjoy such a gift!

We hosted the BBQ but invited some family so in attendance was myself, my boyfriend Richard, my mum, my 3 year old brother Jacob, my big brother, his girlfriend and their daughter, my lovely 1 year old niece Gracie!

We love a good BBQ in our family and myself and Jacob who both have summer birthdays have one each year with all the extended family. 

We only used the £50 and used nothing else that we already had to get into the real swing of the challenge. 
And here is what we brought

This includes:
Pork steaks
Chinese chicken
Salad bits
Gaelic bread
Snack bits (crisps and cocktail sausages)
Fizzy drinks
And loads more

It really is amazing what you can get for £50, well actually £49.17 to be precise =D

As it always seems to be the BBQ cooking turned into a mans jobs, with the ladies prepping the food and the men doing the cooking

We put the radio on and had a little dance and sat under our big gazebo whilst the food was cooking and Jacob and Gracie were playing (my brother is a plonker)

Once the food was ready it was about 5pm but still about 27* so we all sat under the big tree and chilled out and stuffed ourselves to bursting!!

Gracie entertained herself by eating sand and stealing the sausages out of my rolls and nicking everyone's garlic bread, the monkey!

My favourite part of the BBQ is alway the bananas we put on the BBQ at the end to cook whilst we are eating. 
We split the bananas right down the length whilst keeping the skin on and then stuff them with chocolate and marshmallows. We the wrap them in tin foil and stick them on the BBQ. I like to leave them on till they are really mushy, but in my excitement I took them off a little early this time =[

The chocolate melts and the marshmallows ooze and it all gets into the banana. Pure heaven!!

This is my entry into the charcoal challenge with money supermarket. I received £50 from which I used to buy the products listed above. I will also be entered into a prize draw to win £250 to host the ultimate BBQ!

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