Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Product review: Compeed Blister Plasters!

I already love the compeed brand as they do awesome cold-sore plasters. I suffer a heck of a lot from cold-sores, in spring I normally go only about a week between getting them, especially when I am run down or finding my chiari hard.
I was sent some free compeed blister plasters to try. This is my honest review of them. Whilst I was given the item for free the opinions are my own based on using them.
These are AMAZING. I suffer from blisters lots, especially in summer. I do a lot of PE at work and wear shorts in the summer. However, if I am not wearing trainer socks and just fold ankle socks they often slip and then rub. Normally plasters don't stay on or don't offer enough protection over a big enough area.
These plasters stick on, I mean really stick on. They last over a full day. They are skin colour, they are big enough to protect if your shoes are ill fitting and slipping. Basically I would 100% recommend them!

Brains out of 5

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