Sunday, 14 July 2013

Product review: Veet® EasyWax™

I was sent a Veet® EasyWax™ to review by This is a site which sends products out in return for honest reviews and word of mouth feedback.

I am always excited to test new products and this was no exception. I have a bit of obsession with having smooth legs after being in hospital and having nothing better to do than shave my legs using all the different products I was brought as there were no flowers allowed on the ward. I would shave my legs everyday and eventually found a combo that I love and still use today! 
However I don't enjoy shaving my legs now I am out of hospital and hate the fact it needs doing so often, so the idea of a home wax kit that is tidy and easy to use really appealed to me. Plus the weather means I want smooth legs all the time. 

I used the kit on a Saturday morning when there was no one home (to hear my screams of pain haha) It stated I should leave it to heat up for 20 mins but it took much longer than this (about 50 mins)
I spread the wax on my leg according to the instructions and timidly stuck on the fabric wax strip, realising that once it was on it had to come off and the only way for that to happen was to pull, hard!

It took me a few minutes to get my nerves in check, I put on an episode of switched at birth to distract me (I am obsessed with this show!) Then I realised I looked like a total wimp and just grabbed it and pulled. Now I was expecting agony, but there was only a small amount of pain. Maybe that was because it only pulled out a small amount of hair.

I tried again and again but ended up waxing only the front of each leg before I ran out of strips. It did say they could be reused but it got so messy I just used the back and front of each one once.

So overall I wouldn't buy more strips so I could use it again, I just stick to my normal routine of using covent garden spa exfoliator and some exfoliator gloves, washing it off, using foaming lime shower gel and shaving (with a mans disposable razor, so much better!) then finishing with warmed L'occitane almond shower oil to finish. Baby soft legs for a few days! Much better than messy painful waxing. If I want to wax again I would go to a salon.

Brains out of 5:

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