Wednesday, 11 September 2013

I'm so sorry

I'm sorry I've been absent. I've been feeling really run down and terrible over the past few weeks. I'm now on my 3rd coldsore since the day after the wedding, all 3 in various stages of healing and they are not helping make me feel good! 
In health news I've been back to my eye doctor twice in the past week and I have finally, almost, been referred for my strabismus (squint) surgery. I've just got to go back in 3 months to see the consultant and have a thorough check that my squint is still relatively stable and I will be put on the waiting list! FINALLY!
Chiari news: my low pressure headache continue so I will probably be having the blood patch done again soon =\ my chiari type headaches are getting worse and I'm dizzy and sick just standing up or laughing or sneezing or rolling over in bed. I'm not sure what will be done, if anything about them. Fed up of them to be honest. They are worse now that presurgery in the intensity and frequency. Ah we'll. 

In better news my little brother started school on Monday. (Yes I have a brother 21 years younger than me) he loves it! I'm not working in the build up to going back to study so am bored but using it as we'll earned rest as I seem to be tired even after 15+ hours of sleep. I will be seeing my doctor as I wonder if it might be to do with my B12 as the tiredness and mouth sores are signs that I'm low, it was so common before I started on the injections. 

I'll start updating more now. My laptops been playing up and wouldn't charge and apple are arsing around trying to fix it, so to make do I bought a new ipad so am now able to be online much more frequently and with much more ease. 

Anyways, I miss blogging so speak soon!