Monday, 28 June 2010

28th June

So a quick update.
I have been doing okay over the last month or so, since my last update.
Sleeping is still very much a problem. I am either stupidly tired all the time, or I am awake for days.
I have got into such bad sleeping habits, and nothing I attempt to do seems to make this problem go away.
What else...I still have not had my MRI result. Phoned my Neurologists secretary last Wednesday and she had only just received them. She said that she would show Dr. Katifi and get back to me with an appointment. So still just waiting.
My plan of getting back to work to start the new school year in September seem to be slipping out of my hands. I have decided, even if I do not know what is going on I am going back to work in September, operation date or not!
Its strange I miss it so much, I hated it when I was there =D
I have been spending some time helping to organise a charity event for my local youth club. Its on the 10th July and is all night. Young people are being sponsored to ride,, in shifts, all night.
Taking a short holiday in a few weeks, I feel I deserve one and I need to take my (massive) mind off what's going on.
SO I have the skate event on the 10th July till the morning of the 11th July. Then I am flying to Turkey on the evening of the 11th. Crazy I feel =D
Just everyone keep everything crossed for things to work out. I would very much like to know whats going on by the end of July.

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