Saturday, 9 November 2013

Surgery time!

Going in for surgery this Wednesday, for once it is not for my brain. My lower to wisdom teeth are impacted, one is growing horizontally forwards into my other teeth and the other is growing horizontally backwards into my jaw. Hoping they can remove it without taking any of my jaw bone which they were worried they might need to, or without any nerve damage. They were only going to take half of one of the teeth as it was situated so close to a facial nerve but have decided to take the whole thing, so there is a 50/50 chance of a small amount of nerve damage. Also hope the anaesthetic works oky. After my decompression it had a paradoxical effect on me, leaving me wide awake and in pain, this lead to me getting distressed because I was in so much pain and then my blood pressure bottomed out and I was really quite sick for several hours. 

In chiari news, I have been still having bad heads, the past 2 days being really quite sore and I've spent lots of time lying down flat. Hoping I get my next blood patch out of the way soon, to see if it will offer any relief. Also, I have finally got my pain clinic appointment for 12th December so hoping an adjustment of meds will lead to a happy Christmas in the gibbo household! 


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