Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Finally going to admit it....

I've not posted much on here recently. Now I'm ready to tell you why. Some of you won't be surprised (I'm talking the chiari people who say they dislike me but continue to read my blog. Yes I can see you looking from my stats page)
I've recently been suffering from some mental health issues. I'm not afraid to admit to that. I'm not afraid to admit these became very disruptive to my normal day. 
I've spent 14 days in the last month in hospital and am still here. I'm getting there. Seeing the right people, getting the right help.
I know there is a stigma attached to mental health but I'm not one to follow what society says should be our reaction to what is really a part of many peoples everyday life, more so when you've got a chronic pain condition!
So that's me and that's where I've been. Feel free to comment, question using the box on the right or follow me on twitter. 

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