Friday, 24 January 2014

I've been rubbish I know.

Sorry for not posting more, had a stress filled few months! So much work! I'll try and get back to doing this far more.
Anyway, thought I should let you know I'm having my next procedure this Thursday. I'm groping in for my second blood patch. My surgeon wanted to give it another go, and as I trust him, I'm willing to go for it, even if I HATE lumbar punctures more than anything!
My pain meds have been working oky, however, the meds they gave me for breakthrough pain are having to be taken so often that I don't really have anything left for when I have a real spike in pain. Had one last Monday, came home early and my mum found me sobbing a while later =[ I went to the GP and he suggested I had a urine infection, even though I had no symptoms, had no problems with my waterworks ect. The only problems I had were a headache, stiff neck and a little bit of a temperature. I think he is just unaware of chiari and how much it can hurt.
So yeah, hoping that when I see the pain clinic at the beginning of March they will be able to adjust everything.
Also, I don't know I've I have previously mentioned this, I went and had a hearing test a few week ago, cos I was struggling in lectures and having to sit right at the front and if those seats had been taken. I would struggle big time. Also, was getting annoying for everyone at home for me to keep asking them to repeate themselves. So I am still, following my last test, pretty hard of hearing. I had hearing aids a while ago, but gave them back to pay to be seen privately about my chiari. Now I have to save £1300 ish to get the aids I need =[ hard now I am a student!

Anyway, if I don't update before, I will let everyone know how Thursday goes!

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