Friday, 2 September 2011

Surprised there is not brains all over the walls....

I have been suffering with pressure in my head the past few days, I have had it everyday since the drain was removed. However, the past few days have been far worse. It literally feels like my brain could explode.
My scar is much harder than it has been, which is how it has been when I have had high pressure. I have also had pain in my eyes and ears. Both eyes are so sore that I cannot stop rubbing them. This has made them all red and nasty looking. However, it does make them feel better for the few second that I am rubbing them. Really do not need to make that into a habit as it is not good for my eyes.
I have been forced to take my max dose of painkillers including my oromorph which I like to save until it is too much, as I am not the biggest fan of it. Tonight is the second day in a row I have had to take it.

I should see my NS soonish, but have not heard anything as yet. I will start hassling his secretary on Tuesday if I have not heard. My antibiotics for the meningitis finish next Saturday, so I should be safe for surgery any day after that. I want this done and dusted as soon as possible so do not want to have to wait from an appointment with Mr V.

My fundraising for the UK awareness walk has gone well after my radio interview yesterday. I have now raised £75 without the gift aid included.

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