Thursday, 29 September 2011

Thanks for reading!

I am hitting over 1000 views on my blog a month, crazy! I was unaware I was actually getting read by anyone other than a few until I found a button that tells me the stats lol.

Today is my 2 month zipperversary. What a 2 months this has been!! The following is a copy from my facebook status but I feel it covers it

"Exactly 2 months ago today I had brain surgery. 2 months later I am still in a hospital bed, I have added hydrocephalus and scoliosis to my diagnoses, fought meningitis twice, and beat it once so far, been told I am in a critical condition on two occasions, been pumped full of some of the strongest drugs, had more needles in my spine, scans, blood tests and procedures than I care to count and face more surgery and nights in here.
Reading it back like that doesn't make me sad. If I can do all that in only 2 months, then I can do anything!!!!""

I am going to get better and go and live the life I WANT to live, not the one than chiari and all other related bits have made me live for far too long!!

So update for 29th September. The ICP bolt has been written off as a no go! YAY!! Apparently because I have had so many complications, leaks and infections they are going to use LP results, which all show high pressure. I am waiting to see a neurologist, rather than a neurosurgeon, who will sort out some good painkillers. I then will go home on all my meningitis fighting drugs and then see about shunting me! WOOP! Maybe I will get my life back to some form of normality! What is normal when you have a dangle brain lol!

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