Tuesday, 20 September 2011


I am now the proud owner of a pair of hearing aids. I thought I would hate them, however I fell in love with them once I had got used tot hem.
I didn't realise what I couldn't hear. For example, the hearing office I had them fitted in was right by a busy reception area. I thought the room was made so it was soundproof for the hearing tests, as I couldn't hear the people outside. Turns out it was a normal room and once my hearing aids were in I could hear people moving about and asking questions and stuff. I could hear the lady who fitted my aids typing on her computer, I am now typing and can hear that as well. I hadn't noticed I could no longer hear it.
These things are so small you cannot see them once they are on really, especially as my hair is pretty long and messy at all times lol. This is the side view of them (obviously this is not me lol)

So yeah, I <3 hearing aids!!

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