Thursday, 29 April 2010

Do bad things come in threes?

Do bad things come in threes?
If they do then I am not having my operation for a while! 2 people in Richards extended family have passed away in the past week. I feel that's a bad omen, and I really am not too fussed about the delay in my operation.

Anyway, moving rapidly on. Had a very lazy day today, I didn't fall asleep till just gone 6 and then slept till just before 11. The lazed around till about 1 as I had a massive headache and couldn't even stand up without feeling very unwell.
Went to see Richards mummy as it is her birthday.
Then Richard took me for KFC for dinner, he really knows how to treat me lol.
Then spent a lazy evening, bought my mummy fish and chips for dinner.
All in all twas an oky day.
Headache score of about 7, which is just above average so hopefully tonight will be a night full of about 5 hours sleep!

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