Wednesday, 28 April 2010

28th April

Had a rough night, couldn't get my temperature correct. Tossing and turning till about 5am then slept on and off till 8, when I had to get ready for a GP appointment. I knew it was going to be a rubbish day, my tolerance for pain is much much lower when I am tired.
Went to the GP, my mum drove. My GP is so nice, I have been seeing him regularly about my hand and my low B12 levels since about October last year. He is the kind of doctor who doesn't just want to get you in, give you medicine, then send you out. He genuinely seems to care, always being concerned about how your medical condition is affecting you on a more personal level. I always know I will have a long wait when I go and see him, but it really is worth it once you get to see him. Also my mum rather fancies him =]
I hadn't seen him since being told about my CM, so spent about 10mins (the appointments are only 10mins long) talking him through it, as he had only heard about it, never had a patient suffering from it.
Then he asked me how I was feeling in general, how I was coping ect. Then he gave me a month long sick note, and told me, unless I wanted anything even just a chat, that I could just phone and get another sick note, as he knew it was a hassel getting someone to drive me.
This means in total, by the time the sick note I was given today runs out, I would have had 2 months off work. Also the after week my sick note runs out the school is on holiday, so at minimum I will have had 9 weeks off work =\ I feel really out of the loop!
Spent the rest of the morning and afternoon in bed having lots of cuddles with darcey cat and taking photos of her being cute.

The pressure in my neck was really bad, nothing I could do would settle it.
I volunteer once a week at my local youth club, so went there at 6.30. Tonight we were iceing and decorating cakes, was a nice evening.
Went home watched some telly and had lots of cuddles from Alister, the son of a very good friend of mine.

They have now gone and it's getting late. I've taken all my tablets, and still the pain in the base of my skull and neck is not subsiding. It feels like my neck is not strong enough to support the weight of my head. So I guess all I've got to look forward to is another night of broken sleep and nightmares!

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