Saturday, 10 August 2013

It's oh so quiet...

So sorry for being so quite recently. I've been busy busy busy. My best friend is getting married in 2 weeks and I've been doing bridesmaid stuff and getting ready for that! Such important things as testing spray tans, having dress fittings and having girly lunch days.
Anyway, the 13th is creeping up on me. I'm going to hospital to have a blood patch on Tuesday to help (hopefully) with my low pressure headaches. Now this is something I am not looking forward to. I hate lumbar punctures with a passion and after so many of them as well as a lumbar drain for a week my back is now littered with tiny scar and is really tender. If I have my back itched the lower back area needs to be avoided. Even carrying a backpack which is pressing there hurts, big time. SO imagine having such a sensitive area then having a needle stuck into it like 10cm deep or something. So yeah, stoked for Tuesday =/
I should be out of hospital on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning at the very latest as long as it all goes to plan (which with me it has a tendency not to)
I will update either in hospital or when I get home. Actually, if I am allowed I will update half way through with the needle in my back, if my NS allows it. I also wanna get a photo!

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