Wednesday, 14 August 2013

All done

So yesterday I went into hospital to have my blood patch done. Got there at 7.30am after not getting to sleep till 2am the night before because I had to stop some of my meds in the lead up to the surgery and that made me uncomfortable.
Get seen by an anaesthetist, a registrar and my neurosurgeon before 8.30am. They then try and take blood from fail, like badly lol. Finally get it and all good to go once the result get back to show no infection in my blood, something that is ultra important for this procedure apparently.
Go down to theatre, well actually just the anaesthetic room. They then try to get a vein to put an IV in....and fail. My veins are buggered after all the antibiotics I had. Finally manage it after someone holds my wrist so tight I am still bruised. Get into position, my back hurting already. Due to the large number of lumbar puncture I have previously had and the lumbar drain my back is very very sensitive. Anything touching this area causes horrid pain. Get all the local in, which hurts big time. By this point  realise that my sensitive back + a massive needle will = too much pain for me to handle.
I get rather upset at this thought. They stop for a bit, my neurosurgeon comes in (he wasn't doing this procedure, the anaesthetists are far better as they do so many) He chats to me about how crappy I have been feeling and how this procedure has a chance at making me feel great. Finally agree to carry on after getting a little something to chill me out, not loads but I was very upset so did need something.
Procedure goes oky, blood all went in without too much hassle.
Recover with a little bit of IV paracetamol (my favourite IV med by far) as I had a stinker of a headache. Then go back to the ward, 2 hours after leaving. Then have to lie flat for 2 hours. NOT FUN!! I had to do it overnight (6pm-10am) when I had my lumbar drain and I hated it, and this time was no better. It is very hard to get comfortable when totally 100% flat, even in bed pillows raise your head quite a way. Finally over, feeling headachey but oky I get to go home.
Last nights sleep was painful becuase everytime I rolled over I woke up due to pain in my back.
Feeling oky today, sore and stiff but nothing a day n bed won't fix. Now to hope this works by the time I see my neurosurgeon in a few months.

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