Monday, 19 August 2013

An apology

I'm gunna be unable to post on this blog for the next week or so, I know I've already been quite this past few weeks what with work and my blood patch, so sorry.
I've got my BFFs wedding this weekend so will be quite and for the next few days I've got work and then loads of little bits to do before Saturday. One little thing, when talking about the blog over dinner at the 2nd hen do last Friday I got moaned (not moaned, but asked why I hadn't said anything about it lol) at for not mentioning the wedding enough so I'll do a post about it in a week or so.

Chiari wise I am feeling oky ish. My headache are actually worse than before the blood patch. It almost feels like they have reverted to being high pressure, rather than low. Maybe it worked too well. Neck is still sore, standing up, bending over, turning, rolling over in bed ect is still able to induce a headache. It makes my vision go black and flash and this morning I woke up with real blurred vision. I should probs phone the eye hospital to get that checked as it was rather odd and also prolonged, I just haven't got time lol

See you in a week or so and I will back to doing reviews and weekday posts.

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