Wednesday, 1 June 2011

News.......what news?!

So no updates for a while but nothing much has happened to be totally honest.
I have been told I am 3rd on my Neurosurgeons list, and that they are sorting out the dates for my operation this week or next week, so should hear fairly soon.
My headache is still there and not really changed and is still triggered by pretty much anything.
I have been struggling with more and more neck pain and relying on a neck brace to keep my head feeling vaguely normal. It is almost as if my head gets lifted into a "normal" position with the neck brace on and then when I take it off my silly head slips down my neck. Haha I am odd!

It is my birthday in a weeks time....I will be old! Having a few friends round for what will probably be a typical English BBQ, I.E raining. Then going to the pub to get WASTED, which for me means a few drinks so I don't get a crazy interaction with meds. So everyone else can get wasted. Oh the joys of Chiari lol.

My next update will be my operation date! (It probably won't be but it is good to be optimistic lol)

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