Monday, 13 June 2011

All about me!

A collection of photos of me and the people I talk about in my blog! I ramble on and on about people so thought they could dhow there faces =D

This is me! Not a great photo but it'll do =D

Me and my wonderful Boyfriend Richard. We have been together for 5 years and he is amazing!

Me and Clairey! She is awesome!

Me, My bestie Hannah and The wonderful Keith Lemon...Bang Tidy!

My Mummy. I am a total Mummies girl and I love her sooooooo much She is the bestest person in the world!

My brother Michael. He is almost 21. We are all a really close family. Michael lives the other side of the New forest but we still see him once a week or so.

This is Karen AKA Carrot AKA pee wee. She is my little sister. She is almost 18. She is great even if we did fight when sharing a room. To be honest though, now I would love to have her back fighting with me =D

My other little Brother. He is almost 15 (I think)

So that is me. Everything you need to know! The above people are my world tbh

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