Monday, 13 June 2011

June 13th

No new yet of course. I am still waiting for a date.
In other news it was my birthday last Tuesday so have had a busy week. Had a BBQ, made my birthday cake and went to the pub on Monday night with a big group of us and had a few drinks and my normally rubbish balance was made a billion times worse =S
Tuesday my brother Michael (who is 20, not my little, little brother Jacob) took me shopping and we generally just chilled in Southampton.
Wednesday I went out for dinner with Richard, Michael and his girlfriend Nikita. We went to an all you can eat Chinese, twas yummy!
Thursday I went to see Ivanah and her family. Ivanah has chiari as well and lives about 5 miles away from me. I love chilling out with her and her family are great as well!
Friday I took a well earned day off and chilled!
Saturday I went cosmic bowling with my besties Hannah and Claire and our boyfriends.
Sunday I baked a cake for my Mums Godsons 12th birthday and went for a BBQ (inside as it was chucking it down)

It is now Monday and I am feeling ROUGH as I have been on the go for so long. Chilling today, Doctors tomorrow and seeing Ivanah on Wednesday!

I shall update again and hopefully have some good news (I swear I say that in every updates lol)

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