Sunday, 23 January 2011

A proper update about the upcoming operation!

Tonight I packed my bag for the first night in hospital. I have been told I can only take a small bag in that first night, as it needs to fit in my locker whilst I am having surgery. I had no idea what I should pack and faffed around for a long time =D
I finally settled on batman Pyjamas, wash stuff and my portable DVD player and DVDs to watch during the night as I very much doubt sleep will be coming easy. I have Shank and Where the wild things are. Both for the budget section of Tesco, so no doubt they will not be great!

I have then packed another bag which contains all the things I might need during my stay after the operation is over with. Button up Pyjama tops and polo shirts with big wide necks, making it easy for me to fit my massive head in, without catching my incision. When I was last in hospital I didn't know I was going to be staying in so had not got anything ready. This meant that when asking Richard to "bring me in some t-shirts I wear regularly" he heard "Bring in tops you have never seen before, and that I have hardly worn" He brought in tops that I would have worn a while ago, before I put on a million stone due to medication (and me being a fatty.....but shhhhh, don't tell anyone about that)So I have decided that careful planning is going to be the only thing preventing his (male) brain from not registering what I am saying.

Got to tidy my room this week, it needs to be "spotless" according to my Mum, to prevent infection once I get home. I am perfectly happy with the way it is at the moment, however the look she gave me when I told her that if "she wanted it tidy she should do it", means that I will, of course, be spending everyday until my operation dusting =D

So, my other plans before the operation are slightly more exciting than cleaning. This Thursday (27th) I am going out for lunch with Mum, Jacob, Richard and Jane. We are going to an AMAZING all you can eat Chinese restaurant. It does the most amazing food ever. My stupid brain has made my apatite quite poor, however the food at this place mean that this will be one battle of wills I will win against my brain.
Then I am having a girls night on 4th. Should be good! I love spending time with my girls, just chilling. I also really appreciate the fact that they haven't forgotten me. It would have been so easy for the invites to dry up, as I am unable to go out on the town at the weekends, or even just go to the pub and have a few bevvies. however, I still see my small, but amazing, group of mates all the time. They don't seem to care that rather than falling over drunk, I fall over invisible obstacles and need to walk with a stick. They don't make me feel like an old biddy, or get embarrassed as I wonder round with a stick. I really can not thank them enough for being the kind of people I know I will want in my life for ever! They are not getting rid of me that easily.
Then I am seeing my mate Tayla in London. Going to hang out for the day. Really looking forward to it, big time! Tayla is one of my (small) group of close Chiari Friends. I have lots of people who I have met due to Chiari, but only a few have been real supports to me. They all support me in different ways. Tayla supports me by letting me moan for AGES, taking the piss out of me and slagging of Cher Lloyd =D

And that is pretty much it. I have my B12 injection and my Pre-op appointment on Thursday 3rd Feb. That'll be a fun day, spending it sat in doctors/hospital waiting rooms.

I am still convinced my operation will get cancelled, until I am in the aesthetic room I will not believe it. I have another Chiarian having the same operation, on the same day. She is having hers at King's in London. Janey has had hers cancelled already, so hers will defiantly be going ahead, even if it is the next day. The fact someone else is having the it done as well as me, makes me feel better. We have swapped mobile numbers so will be keeping each other updated on progress.

So that is it for this update. I will post again after my pre-op and let you all know what is going on!

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