Monday, 3 January 2011

Hospital again!

So I'm back in hospital! I love it =[
I went to a GP appointment on 21st December, just for a check up before Christmas. I mentioned that I was having vision problems and the next thing I know I'm in hospital. Started fitting at about 3am on 22nd and didn't stop for hours. In total I had 60 fits in 24 hours.
Was in HDU for 2 days due to repeated fits. This was not fun, I was out of it on medication for most of it but I can remember little snippets.
I then caught a hospital infection that was spreading around the whole hospital. 9 wards closed and I was in isolation for the whole of Christmas! I went into the little room on Thursday morning and came out on boxing day. So I didn't have Christmas, I wasn't eating so didn't have much Christmas dinner, just a yorkshire pudding.
Moved to a cancer ward on the sunday and literally just chilled out until Wednesday when I moved to a neuro ward. Spent new years here, at midnight I was being examined by a doctor and by 2am I was having an emergency brain scan. Happy new year =]
it is now 3rd January, and I'm still on neuro and being observed. No fits since 29th December. It is bank holiday so no idea when I'll get seen. I'll update when I know anything.

Location:Southampton general

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