Friday, 28 January 2011

Another week closer

So it has been just under a week since my last update, which means I am closer to the operation.
Started the count down properly yesterday, had a lunch with family. It was myself, Richard, my Mum, Jacob and Jane (honorary family member) We went to an all you can eat Chinese Restaurant in ocean village. Such nice food, we spent ages there. Jane basically got drunk (at lunch time) and ate chillies and raw garlic! I loved it.

Jacob (who is my 17 month old baby brother, for people who don't know me well) hurt his leg today, the hospital think he dislocated his hip. He is really drugged up on painkillers, so oky at the moment, but he has been walking funny.

Tomorrow we are off to B&Q to pick paint as we are decorating Jacob's first bedroom and Ikea on Sunday to get his furniture. Should be a nice project to keep my mind off what is happening.

12 days =/

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