Thursday, 18 December 2014

1. Diagnosed when? March 30th 2010

2. Decompressed, if so when? July 29th 2011

3. Other additional conditions, if so which ones? Pernicious Anaemia, scoliosis and pressure issues

4. Have you personally met someone else with Chiari? Yep, about 20, maybe more

5. Most challenging symptom(s)? The headaches, they drive me nutty

6. Most embarrassing Chiari moment? Being shouted at in the street because someone thought I was drunk, I wasn't, I was just having a wobbly day.

7. Biggest Chiari frustratsions(s)? Struggling with uni work as my brain is so fuzzy

8. Number of medications in your personal medicine cabinet? 8, all different painkillers, antidepressants and antipsychotics

9. Number of Doctors/Therapists stored in your phone? 3, my GP, neurosurgeon and my psychiatrist

10. Do you attend Dr appointments solo or with support? I used to go alone, but recently I have been taking a friend or a family member
11. Biggest regret that Chiari has created? I try not to have regrets, so I am oky with everything

12. Biggest lesson that Chiari has taught? To never take health for granted, I was young ad foolish when I was diagnosed, I feel I have grown up a lot since diagnoses

13. Favorite non-medicinal therapy? I discovered acupuncture recently as I had whiplash and loved it!

14. Worst medicinal side effect? Fuzzy headedness which makes my thinking much slower than I am use to

15. Biggest change in your life since diagnosis? I quit my job and went back to university!
16. Worst medical test? I HATE lumbar punctures, I've had about 20 and have so much scar tissue there that when they put the needle in it hurts and it gets worse each time.

17. Hardest thing to give up because of Chiari? Working

18. Have you become more or less religious since diagnosis? I am a total atheist and that hash\t changed since I was diagnoses

19. Where do you find enjoyment now, that you didn't before? In simple things such as baking, crafting and also just spending time with the family and my friends. I enjoy it much more now.

20. Favorite Chiari websites?I don't have one

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