Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Pain clinic and update!

So, just quickly, tesco resolved my issues and I've since received equivalent TVs to what I ordered. Finally got some good customer service from a lovely lady called Shona.

Today was my pain clinic appointment. Been waiting for a few months and was anxious about it as I didn't know what to expect.
Met with a nice doctor who went through a number of reasons for pain, and how they can help treat it. The end result is:
I'll be coming off most medication.
My amitryptline will be increased from 60mg to 100mg at night.
My Butrans patch will be increased from 10mcg to a max of 52.5mcg but this will be slowly because of side effects.
I'll slowly stop taking Tramadol over this time, as the two go up.
I'm also going to be taking clonazepam when needed, we will see when that will be as the other meds have increased.
I'll also be taking tapentadol, can't remember the dose. 
And lastly pregabalin will be slowly increased up to, I think, 1200mg a day. 
I'll keep my diclophenac, omoprazol, ondansetron, folic acid and B12 injections as normal. 

So lots of changes, lots of strong medications being added in. I'm really hoping they manage to keep me level and feeling as close to how I used to as possible. 
They should also help with sleep, because I've been surviving on 2 hours most nights for a while! 
I've increased my patch to 20mg and my amitryptline to 100mg already, as suggested because I had supplies at home!

I'll let you know what happens and how I feel in a week or so! 

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