Saturday, 26 November 2011

Ink in my skin

Getting a new Tattoo the week after next! Excited as I am going with my brother so he can get his first. He will probs faint. I am getting lyrics (I know, I need to stop covering my body in quotes) This song means a heck of a lot to me. It helped me get through chiari, meningitis and 2 months in hospital. I listened to this on repeat anytime I wanted to sleep or switch off from the busy hospital. This is my marking to chiari, not the awareness ribbon, but rather a quote that sums up not only my journey but many many other people who are fighting this terrible, incurable condition!
"you gotta swim for the music that saves you when you're not so sure you'll survive" This song did just this for me. When I was in pain and crying, when I was so tired from medication being given every 2 hours round the clock, when I was in my dark place, when I was in a dexamethasone rage. This song was the soundtrack to all of that!

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