Monday, 17 October 2011


So, I have been dicked around by the hospital one too many times. They cancelled my surgery!!! And to make matters worse, they then just sent me home. The neurologist felt I didn't need the surgery, even though my pressure was 35, this is not too high. He started me on topirimate. This didn't work, as I suffered an allergic reaction when I tried to take 50mg. I developed a rash all over my body. So back to square one. I have requested that I no longer be treated at my local hospital. They seem to not really care, the emotions they put me through, constantly changing their mind. I just feel that I would be better off being treated at another hospital. I also put a complaint in about the way I was treated, not by the nurses but by the doctors. I am going to see a NS privately up in London to ask his advice and see what he thinks. Just got to wait for the hospital to send me a copy of my medical records and MRI/CT scans on disk and then I can book an appointment. When I was in touch with his secretary last week she said I could be seen as early as 27th October, I will not make that appointment due to the wait for my medical records but it does show how quickly I could be seen, amazing what chucking a bit of cash can do!!
I seem to be complaining a lot recently. I also put a complaint in about a locum GP I saw. I saw her back on August 5th, 6 days after my surgery. I attended the appointment suffering from a headache, vomiting, photophobia, sore neck and was feeling feverish. She told me to go home and rest. She said, What did I expect, I had just had brain surgery?! I explained that I had been feeling not too bad, but had suddenly gone downhill. She told me I could go to A&E, but it would be a waste of time and I would be waiting for 6 hours. She did not take any observations ect. I ignored her. Upon arriving at A&E I was in majors within 10mins, and in an MRI scanner within 2 much for waiting 6 hours. I was then in hospital for a month with meningitis. Today I received an email stating that the doctor had written a response to my complaint and I should receive it later this week!! Kinda nervous about what she will say.
SO yeah, had a crap week, which is why I have not updated. I will update again when I get a letter back.

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