Saturday, 1 November 2014

Piercing pain list

So this is going to be a list of ear piercings ordered from most painful to least painful!
1. Anti-tragus, made my eyes water and my toes curl. So painful and also most painful whilst healing. 
2. Conch, they had to use a lot of force to get it through which hurt like hell. Healed really well however.
3. Daith, went through in two stages so was quite painful. Slow to heal.
4. Tragus, went through well and healed well. 
5. Stretched lobes. Hurt a fair bit in the smaller sizes. Bled a little. No longer wear this jewellery. 
6. Forward helix, bottom piercing. Hurt a little. Had all three forward helix done at the same time. 
7. Forward helix, middle piercing. Just a pinch. 
8. Forward helix, top piercing in line with my eye. Didn't even feel it. 
9. Second lobes. Accidentally went through cartilage on one lobe so hurt a little. No longer wear this jewellery. 
10. Lobes. Didn't hurt at all. No longer wear this jewellery. 
Left ear. Forward helix X3 and tragus. 
Right ear. Anti-tragus, daith and conch. 

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